There is nothing that requires us to eat certain foods in breakfast. But today we live in an addiction-prone society. We are addicted to unhealthy foods for everyday snacks and sometimes we skip breakfasts with an effort of losing weight or because we’re busy with the morning rush. Sometimes it’s easier to use preserved and stale foods to avoid suffering pangs of hunger during the day. But it is recommended to start your day with a heavy healthy breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. A healthy sandwich can be an ideal pick among other healthy foods which can be the best solution for your breakfast because they are easy to make quickly, there are many types and you can take them with you.

Most of us are upset about our waist line and we avoid proteins to lose some inches. But we normally end up with extra inches instead. Consuming fewer proteins is not healthy at all, because our bodies need enough proteins in conjunction with exercise to build more muscles than to lose our muscle mass as we age. Check out these 7 healthy breakfast ideas.

 1-Make a Healthy Sandwich

You can make many kinds of healthy sandwiches using eggs, chicken, fish, baked potatoes, vegetables, and mushrooms. Eggs and whole wheat bread make the healthiest sandwiches because they provide instant energy with more proteins and carbohydrates. A grilled meat or grilled fish with baked potatoes is also an excellent tasty meal for a healthy breakfast. Mushrooms have many healthy benefits. They have proteins which are essential for body building elements. You can also use vegetables because they have a lot of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which can make a healthy sandwich. It is recommended to avoid mayonnaise or cheese with eggs and chicken because they are high in calories. This can no more be counted as a healthy sandwich.

2- Try Yogurt and Fruit

A yogurt and fruits can be good breakfast item especially to the calorie conscious people. They are quite healthy and refreshing. In a morning rush, you can have a yogurt that doesn’t even require a spoon; eat and go.

Yogurt and Fruit

3- A Breakfast Smoothie

While you may be busy, without enough time to sit down and make a healthy breakfast, you can take few minutes and make a healthy smoothie. The fresh fruits, greens, water and juice can provide essential nutrients to start your day.

4- Breakfast burritos

Well, if you want to spend more minutes, breakfast burritos can be the best for your family. Go for ham or eggs, sausage biscuits and other ingredients of your choice and make it ahead of time. You can use more ingredients to have a variety of nutrients and make a healthy breakfast.

5- Protein Shake

You can make your own home-made protein shake. All you need is a blender, common sense and imagination as you add your desired ingredients to have the taste you like best as long as you avoid using too many calories.

6- Spinach and Tomato Omelet

This is another healthy breakfast that provides both fiber and protein you need to start your day.

Spinach and Tomato Omelet

Photo Courtesy : this gal cooks

7- Pancakes

Pancakes are for sure tasty but what to add to make them healthy is the only question that must be answered. You need to lower their calorie without sacrificing any flavor. Do not choose the egg yolks because they have more fats and cholesterol. Choose white wheat to increase fiber and lower the calories count. You may not add sugar because one teaspoonful has 15 calories and it goes straight into the blood stream causing swings in blood sugar. Therefore by avoiding sugar you can have a more healthy breakfast.

Now, we must acknowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and be aware of the benefits of having a healthy breakfast. It is like a priming pump that gives energy to your body for the long day’s activity. You need to establish the appropriate balance between proteins and fats every day because we need them too. For example, if you are a vegetarian, a healthy sandwich will give you the required proteins that you need for building muscle mass.

Unhealthy diets coupled with skipping breakfast have also been linked to obesity and many other health problems. Studies shows that the rise of technology is surprisingly one of the underlying causes where America is one of the most top 10 obese countries in the world. Here is a presentation you can check

                  Top 10 Obese Countries in the World from NewsTipsTricks

As much as technology is good, it should not simplify healthy breakfast and everything else you do. Be a better person and always compete with yourself against all addictions and pressures that restrict you from having a healthy breakfast.


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