Catering Tips for a Perfect EventGood Drinks

Even if they are nonalcoholic, need to be spruced up. You would be surprised how the quality of drinks will increase the quality of any party or event. People LOVE to drive and they love to size up the party based on the availability of the drinks available.

Good Food

Personally I find this the most important, however I am prejudice. When your guests are quiet while they are eating, this is a good sign. Parties are usually loud because all of offer are snacks and appetizers. Those are important too, but you got to let you guests sink their teeth into some meat. If you like Chicken, Lamb or Kafta you should consider hiring a Mediterranean Style Catering Company.

Good Staff

Your guests could have a night and day difference in their experience at your event if the service is good. When porters arrive on time and prepared to do their jobs, your guests will be busy eating and drinking for anything else. It should take less than 1 minute to have a drink re-filled at a high class party.

Good Decorations

I hate to say it but people are constantly judging their surroundings. Is your party of the top of a skyscraper with a world class view, or do you need to provide some stimulation? People want to be impressed and luxury is afforded in all sorts of places. Ask us how we can take your party to the next level.

Good Music

Ambiance is everything. How old is your crowd and what type of event is this? What type of acoustics does your event have? Are you trying to get your crowd to dance on stage, dance in their chair or just keep it mellow. My personal favorite, 80’s cover band music. Lots of parties do well to Raggae and Ambient music like Thievery Corporation.

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