If you are hosting a dinner party in the near future then preparing the menu well in advance is a going to be a big help. There are a lot of things you need to cover with your menu planning and one key area is the drinks.

There are plenty of great drink options available to go with the starters, the main course and the dessert.

Here is a quick look at some of the drink suggestions that you may want to consider.

Appetiser Drink Suggestions

When your guests arrive it is a good idea to have a few cocktails ready to start off the party.

You want to offer a few options so that they are able to choose what they like best but this doesn’t mean you have to have ingredients for all kinds of different drinks.

One way to go is to have something simple such as champagne on offer. You can then also have a classic option of gin and tonic, two different liquor options and some simple cocktails such as mojitos and margaritas.

There is a really lovely and simple strawberry margarita recipe available at the Food Network website.

You should also be prepared for the guests who would rather have something non-alcoholic. Some sparkling water and homemade lemonade for instance.

Just as with alcoholic drinks the key is to have at least four options available to provide them with a little bit of choice.

Drink Suggestions For A Dinner PartyMain Course Drink Suggestions

You can let your guests take their drinks with them when you get to the table to eat. You can also serve more of the same drinks when you serve the appetisers. When you get to the main course it might be nicer to serve something similar for everyone.

Wine is a very classic option for main course foods and different types of wine go really well with various different foods. You can find a lot of good wine articles online that explain which specific wines go well with which foods.

As a general rule of thumb the white meats like rabbit, fish and chicken are often better with white wine. For red meats red wine tends to compliment them better.

It is also a good idea to get some quality ale for people who don’t like wine. There are a lot of great ales that go well with hearty meals such as lamb dishes and pork dishes. So don’t be afraid to offer it as part of your meal.

Again, remember to have non-alcoholic options available as well. It is also preferable to serve some sparkling water for everyone together with wine.

Dessert Drink Suggestions

When it is time for dessert it you can again offer a few different drinks to the guests. You want your dessert drink to be complimentary to your dessert and thus selecting the right one will depend a bit on the type of dessert you are serving.

Vintage port is a great idea for a dessert wine. It is also easy to get as buying vintage port online is now really simple and there are guides available to help you pick the right one.

Port is a nice way to finish off the meal and will leave just the right kind of sweet flavour in your mouth.

You could also look for some great fruity liquor options for the dessert. Another fun idea is to make a frozen alcoholic dessert. This can be a nice lighter way to end the dinner party.


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