Chronic diseases like diabetes are related to what we eat and how we lead our lifestyle. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the world has recently been increased than ever before. Food selection and exercise are the two most important thing for diabetic patients to control the disease. Along with the proper exercise diabetic patients should be aware of what they are eating are really healthy for them.

If you are diabetic estimate your total daily calorie needs against your daily activity level. You can consult a physician or dietician to know your daily calorie requirements. Patients who take insulin should also be careful about the appropriate timing of food intake to avoid low sugar reaction. Health experts and physicians prefer low sugar, low salt, and complex carbohydrate versions of traditional dishes that can provide the special dietary needs for diabetics. Salt is as harmful as the sugar because more than 50% diabetic patients have hypertension. The diet should contain lots of vegetables, fruits and grain products. While preparing the dish you should be choosy about the food so as to they don’t release sugar into the blood abruptly. You should serve moderate portion size because large portion may release sugar abruptly.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. When you skip breakfast you actually overeat at the end of the day because you are then hungrier at other foods. It’s always better to eat small protein rich breakfast than skipping a breakfast. If you have skipped the breakfast, don’t worry – have a quick meal. Smoothie could be the right choice as they can be prepared instantly and packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fibers.

A well balanced meal plan is essential for diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar in a steady state. You can take a snack between the breakfast and lunch. Select the snack that satisfies your hunger and nutritional needs. Avoid snacks with high sugar content. Eating 2 -3 snacks throughout the day is a healthy way to keep the sugar level steady. Research found that people who take three moderate portion main meals along with 2-3 snacks each day are less likely to overeat and weight gain. The snacks should be made up of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain and cereals that contains fibers. Complex carbohydrates with protein rich low-fat foods could be a satisfying snack.

You should remember that whatever you eat exercise is very important to good health. Exercise along with proper food selection decrease the incidence of diabetes and weight gain. Exercise also increases the experience with the food intake as many diabetic patients complain loss of appetite in diabetes. If your appetite doesn’t return to normal, you might suffer from malnutrition and circulatory problems that may damage your eyes, kidneys and nerves.

Most people don’t know how to cook foods for diabetic patients suffering from loss of appetite. Even if they know they fears about what to eat, what shouldn’t eat. Most of the diabetic cookbooks available in market are loaded with unfamiliar recipes that are not so easy to make. While I was searching for a good diabetic cook book for my elder sister I found The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook very helpful where I discovered the cooking art for diabetic patients. This book is different from other books in that it reveals the secret how a simple recipe can be turned into strong and pleasant in taste.


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