Weber produces a ridiculous number of accessories for their gas and kettle style Weber barbeques – so many in fact that cooking indoors might become redundant. Let’s face facts; everyone loves cooking outside and the drool inducing smells that accompany any outside cooking venture.

Many of the accessories are designed to make barbequing easier while others enhance the flours of the food being cooked. Weber manufactures what they call, Fire-spice, and these ‘spices’ are made from different types of wood chips. Flavors available include apple wood, cherry wood, hickory wood, pecan wood and even mesquite wood.

These packs are also available in trail size kits so you can take them with you when you go camping. A number of different kabob sets are available, with which you can skewer your favourite types of meat and combine them with vegetables and spices to create the perfect skewered treat.

Something For Everyone

Those seeking to cook a solid hunk of meat on their Weber can make use of a manual or electric rotisserie designed to cook to perfection. Rib lovers can get themselves a rib rack in which multiple racks can be placed for convenience while cooking.

Owning A Weber Barbeque Makes Indoor Cooking RedundantPizza lovers are in for a surprise. Thanks to Weber it is no longer necessary to install an expensive pizza oven in your home in order to enjoy that wood-fired pizza taste. A pizza stone is made from cordierite ceramic which absorbs moisture and distributes heat evenly to give you an evenly cooked and crispy crust, while the Weber takes care of the taste.

Lovers of stir-fry – fret not, the gourmet BBQ wok is perfect for cooking all your beloved dishes and because you can use it with your BBQ, there is a lot of room for experimentation. Cast-iron griddles are available for Genesis grills and can be used to cook your favourite cut of steak or even have a breakfast fry-up, should the opportunity present itself.

Gather Your Weapons of Choice

Besides all the nifty gadgets mentioned above there are a number of other peripherals available in the accessories range. These include special lighter cubes, pincer tongs, BBQ tongs and even special fish baskets, used to cook seafood to perfection.

If you are one of those people with their own, special, basting recipe – Weber has designed a few silicone basting brushes that not only keep your hands clean, but also distributes the marinade over the cooking food with great ease.

When taking all of this into consideration it is not hard to imagine how your oven and stove might seem less useful. The fact that you can cook almost anything on a Weber gas grill or kettle BBQ is ideal for people who love to spend as much time outside as possible. Although many of these accessories are designed for a specific purpose, the world is your oyster when it comes to trying out new recipes using your grill.

Casseroles and breads cooked using your grill could become a famous party trick and your BBQ Master Level skills will be undisputed by all your friends.

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